October 7, 2022

According to the Census Bureau, about 32.4 million Americans migrated internally in the year 2018.  This represents around 10.1% of the general population in the United States. California had the highest number of out movers, while Florida recorded the most domestic in movers that year.

Are you preparing to switch your residence soon? You are certainly not alone. These statistics should encourage you.

Jobs, climate, and retirement are among the primary reasons for interstate migration in the United States.

Are you planning on migrating to a new state soon? This moving out of state checklist will come in handy as you prepare for this unique experience. Don’t let last-minute pressure throw you off-balance.

Read on for your ultimate moving out of state checklist

Do I Need a Moving out of State Checklist?

This is a question that most people grapple with a year or so before moving out. However, as the actual date draws near, it dawns on you that you are making a complete overhaul of your life. As such, without a proper exit plan, you may cave in to pressure.

For the sake of your sanity and that of your loved ones, you ought to have at least two months planning before the actual moving out date. Such a time-frame allows for a well-planned process and takes away the rush against time. A checklist also ensures that you settle into your routine life in the new residence as soon as possible.

Here are some of the critical pointers in your checklist:

Two Months Before Moving out

With a two months grace period, there’s so much you can do to ensure a smooth transition to your new location.  You should consider the following suggestions as part of your checklist.

Research on the Available Moving Services

Whether you are moving to the South or from the South, you will require the services of a moving company. If not, you might have private options to help you move your belongings. This decision depends on many factors, including the size of your valuables and the distance.

For most people, sourcing for professional moving services makes more sense when moving out. If you opt for this alternative, it would be prudent to research the various service providers. Focus on their reputation, licensing, and insurance.

With ample research, you’ll eventually settle for the best option. You may opt to give a commitment fee to ensure that the date set for the actual moving out is booked in your favor.

Pay a Visit to the New Community

Familiarity is critical before you even commit to moving. Being in the location in person ensures that you get a feel of the new environment. You can establish the various amenities available and also consider what’s missing.  Such a visit may also be the perfect opportunity to form rapport and know the neighborhood better.

The idea is to take away that common fear of the unknown when moving. You can take the chance to ask questions on important issues such as security.

Budget Accordingly

Do you have a relocation budget yet? If not, this would be the best time to compute one. Now that you have background information about potential movers and the new residence, how much will it cost you to move?

It would help to consider the actual cost of moving beforehand. You may make all the other necessary plans, but without the money, the project is futile. Once you have established the estimates, you can proceed to assess your financial capacity and the options available to you.

Present an Official Notice to Your Landlord

If your current house is rented, the following procedure is vital. Most landlords insist on 60 days prior notice of the vacation. You ought to check your lease or rent agreement, to ensure that you meet all the terms before vacating.

You may also make all the necessary arrangements to fix any broken fixtures and other minor repairs before the vacating notice expires. This makes it easy to get a total refund of your deposit.

Choose a School for Your Kids

Assuming that you’re a parent, there will be a need to switch schools. Now would be the best time to make such a switch. You should consider visiting various local schools in the new state and settle for the best option. If your kids are old enough, involving them in the process would be a great idea.

One Month Before Moving Out

With a month to go, pressure may be mounting, this is considering the many things on your to-do list. However, if you have been following this checklist, then you are on track. During the next few weeks, you can consider these ideas.

Determine a Survival Closet

As you begin to pack, there’re absolute essentials you’ll need and must, therefore, stay within reach. These items form part of the survival closet. You need to establish what you’ll need on the last day and set them apart.

Once these critical items are out of the way, you can begin packing everything else into several bags.

Set Time for Packing

People accumulate lots of stuff over time. You won’t know the amount of clutter in your home and non-essentials until you begin to pack. You should set ample time for packing so that you also focus on decluttering the house before moving.

Find Reliable Packing Boxes

One of the worst nightmares when moving is losing your valuables. The other concern that should worry you is the risk of incurring losses due to damaged property. Whether you are sourcing for professional movers or doing it yourself, the packaging is vital. You need to focus on sturdy and highly reliable boxes to help you move without any hitches.

At Gaylord box exchange, you will get everything you may be looking for availed to you by professionals who understand the essence of moving safely. You need corrugated boxes, which come in all sizes to ensure that the process of moving out is secure and safe.

Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes before moving out is of utmost importance. You can include a short description of the items and their destination rooms as part of the labeling. Having labels ensures that all your delicate items are handled with the utmost care.

On the same note, having distinct directions on destination rooms also ensures that each box ends up in the right place. If you take labeling seriously, you won’t have to worry about unpacking and storing your belongings. Labeling should be a critical part of your moving out of state checklist.

Schedule for Various Disconnections and Connections

Your current home has various utilities, and the bills are credited in your name. Before moving, you must give a disconnection notice to notify your service providers of the imminent transition. Such utilities include gas, electricity, water, and telephone.

You might arrange for refunds where necessary as you prepare to vacate the premises. Meanwhile, it might be a good time to schedule connections for your new residence. You might also need to make prior arrangements for other services such as internet, cable, and newspaper.

One Week to the Move

By now, most of the critical steps in readiness for your scheduled move are in place. The last week before moving out should focus on last-minute preparations. You should consider these vital aspects as part of your checklist.

Mail-In New Address

With seven days to go before moving out, it would help to mail in your new mail address. This would help ensure that you get your mails on time and reduce the risk of such letters ending up in the wrong address.  You can learn more here on how to change your physical address.

Clean up

At this point, it would help to consider undertaking general clean up in the current home. Now that most of your belongings are in the respective boxes, there is more room to conduct clean up around the house. This process also offers you the chance to pick up anything else that may have been left behind.

You can then finish up with the packing process and get ready for the final move.

Get in Touch With the Movers

It would help to call in your movers and confirm the pickup time and other critical logistical queries. Consider asking questions on how to move pets and small children safely, you may also confirm other aspects such as safe storage for fragile items.

Empty Oil and Gas From Grills, Heaters and Snow Blowers

At this juncture you are sure won’t be needing oil and gas anymore. You can then proceed to empty the grills, the heaters, and the snow blowers in readiness to move.

On the Actual Day

The day is finally here, and you must be excited but equally anxious. On the material day, the following is critical.

Set the Alarm and Wake up Early Enough

It is essential to wake up early on the material day. This ensures that you have ample time to make any last-minute preps before the movers arrive.

Prepare Enough Snacks for the Day

This can either be done from home or pre-ordered. Either way, it would be useful to ensure that you have something to munch on throughout the process.

Call the Landlord

Before leaving the current house, it would help to call the current landlord and inform them that you have vacated the house. You may also take a picture of the current state of the house.

Moving From One State to the Next Doesn’t Have to Be as Strenuous

Are you considering moving from your current state to another soon? There are many things you may need to do in advance to ensure that this transition is smooth.

All you need to do is to consider this moving out of state checklist, and you’ll be good to go. You should then source for durable boxes to pack your stuff and a reliable moving service provider. Then relax as everything else falls to place.

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