January 30, 2023

As you put together your future advertising budget, you’ll probably ask yourself whether it’s an excellent time to spend money on marketing. Isn’t everything getting more expensive nowadays? Shouldn’t we hold on to our cash?

This metric might help you with that question. The average small business gets back $3 in revenue each time that brand spends $1.60 on ads.

That’s a compelling reason to put together a winning advertising plan. And we are here to help with our guide to forming the perfect advertising strategy.

Your Business Strategy

Never pay for an advertising campaign because you think it’s the right thing. Advertising must always tie in with your high-level business goals. That will keep your strategy focused and effective.

So the first thing you want to do when putting together an advertising plan is to consider what your business needs to achieve in the next twelve months.

Do you want more customers? Do you want to launch a new product? Do you want more website traffic?

Advertising Goals

Once you know your high-level goal, you can translate this into advertising goals. Make these specific and measurable. For example, write down how much traffic you want and your time frame.

Target Market

Your next task is to find out more about your customer. That will help ensure your advertising is reaching the right people. Research your existing customers and use that to develop a customer avatar.

Find out as much as you can about their demographics, interests, and behaviors. The more information you know, the more effective your marketing plan is.

Campaign Timeline and Budget

You won’t want to burn through an entire year’s ad budget in the first month! So put together a detailed timeline of when you plan to advertise and your budget.

Once you have this information, you can start digging into the detail. Decide what type of campaign you’ll need at each point in that timeline to help you hit those company advertising goals.

Don’t forget about significant annual advertising events that you might need to add to your plan, such as Black Friday.


Once you have an overview of your campaigns, it’s time to find the perfect platform for your paid ads. You might choose to run a campaign across multiple platforms to get maximum impact.

Make sure you pick the most suitable platforms for your target audience.

It’s always tempting to pick the trending platform, especially if ad costs are low, but if your audience doesn’t use that website, it won’t bring you the results you need.


Finally, think about how you’ll gather and monitor data for your ad campaigns. Will you use a professional analytics tool? Or will you rely on reports from the ad dashboard for each platform?

That is a vital step in your business advertising plan because you’ll need those metrics to help you optimize and improve your ads. For example, Google ad optimization will help you position your search ad on the best keywords.

Find Your Winning Advertising Plan

The prospect of growing your business via advertising is exciting. But you’ll still need the right advertising plan if you want your marketing campaigns to succeed. Use this guide to help you get started.

And for more marketing tips to help you fine-tune those ad creatives, browse our latest business articles.

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