December 7, 2022

Peter Halsey Cook is an American real estate agent, architect, and businessman from New York who is well-recognized as the ex-husband of Christie Brinkley, the American model, and actress.

Peter Cook is currently engaged to his girlfriend, Alba Jancou. They both met at Le Bilboquet in 2017. Later, they started to date and vacationed in Santorini, Greece.

About Peter Halsey Cook

Name: Peter Halsey Cook

Birth Name: Peter Halsey Cook

Age: 63 years

Siblings: 2

Birth Date: January 01, 1959

Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)

Weight: 81 Kg (178 lbs)

Profession: Architect and Entrepreneur

Birth Place: New Jersey, United States

Religion: Christianity

Current Residence: New York, United States

Spouse: ex-husband of Christie Brinkley (1996 to 2008) and Suzanne Shaw (2012 to 2014)

Marital Status: In relationship with Alba Jancou

Children: 2 Jack (Son) and Sailor (Daughter)

Net Worth: $20 million

Where is Peter Halsey Cook from?

Peter Halsey Cook was born on January 01, 1959, in New Jersey, United States. He was raised by his businessman father and homemaker mother, along with his young brother and sister. He completed his architectural training at the Graphic Arts Department of Colonial Williamsburg.

Net Worth

The 62 years old Peter Cook has earned quite well throughout his career as a business and an architect. He has accumulated capital luck in earning millions of dollars from various business projects and deals. His total estimated net worth is around $20 million. Furthermore, he earns $1.5 million as a monthly wage.

Peter Halsey Cook’s Career

The career of Peter Cook is very impressive. He started off as a carpenter for a builder named William G. Thompson. He has been able to build his company successfully with his talent and hard work. If you would like to earn a substantial amount of money, you should start your own business. You can find ways to earn more money.

Peter Halsey Cook’s Net Worth

Peter Halsey Cook started off as a college student. He went to school at North Carolina State University, where he studied architecture and construction. His annual income is over $1 million. With that kind of income, you might think that he is going to live a luxurious life. Well, it is not quite that way. He spends only $30,000 a month on his expenses. The rest of his money goes to charity. He has given $7.2 million dollars to charities.


Alba Jancou is a young woman who has always had a lot of dreams.

Alba has always known that she wanted to marry the person she loves. On September 21, 2019, she got engaged to Peter Halsey Cook.

Alba Jancou is an aspiring model and entrepreneur. She wants to own her own business one day. She’s a busy lady and always has a lot of plans.

Peter Cook has always been into design and architecture. He has always designed his own home. He wants to build a mansion for his family one day.


“The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.” As a husband, Peter Cook has always been a man who wants to help women in all aspects of life. Peter Cook was very interested in helping women through his marriage to Christie Brinkley.