April 1, 2023

Google, well the name is huge, grand, and known across the globe. If we say, Google is the best and most amazing search engine available out there, we won’t be wrong. You search any query on the platform, you will find your answer.

From the past to the present world- social media giant Google has become a personal part of our life. If you need entertainment, want to know about education, and go shopping, google is a necessary part of everyday life. Google is a universal platform and for many people, there is no difference between the internet and Google which means for the internet means Google (Internet=Google).

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Do you realize that some Google tricks keep you engaged for quite a long time? There are plenty of Google tricks that can excite curious minds and I’m Feeling Curious is one of them.

Tell me one thing: have you ever heard about the “I’m feeling curious” Google trick? Well, in case you have heard then you know how interesting this trick is! However, if you do not know, then you do not feel left out. In this article, we are going to tell you about this extraordinary trick. You know what we are very sure, once you get the idea about the I’m Feeling Curious trick,  you won’t resist trying right now.

Now let’s discuss in the detail- What is “I’m Feeling Curious” Google Trick?

im feeling curious

Well as the name suggests, it is all about curiosity, and do not think that it is a high-fi trick. It is the very opposite of that- basic and simple! Now you are thinking about how to operate it? Well, what you need to do is type “I’m feeling curious” on the Google search page. Wondering what will happen after that? Well, you will find a box on your screen showing a random fact. There you will see a question and its answer in the box.

This could be anything to say “Why did the war between Israel and Palestine break out in 2021?” This information will also have the source of this so that you can visit the website to get more data about the topic. Down-below, you will find another fact box, there will be an option of “Ask another question”. What you can do is to press it and search questions as many times as you want and the social media giant Google will keep showing you interesting fun facts.

To give the data with the best quality content, Google looks through the data and facts from notable and respectable sites over the internet.  You must be wondering where Google gets so many facts every day. Well, the simple answer is, this information is those questions that millions of people search every day on Google.

Curious person as you are, you must be thinking, when this trick was started:

Did you just find this trick now? Well, well, well, let us tell you that you are four years late. Want to know why? Google presented this trick in September 2015. 

For a trick as helpful and fun as this one, it is simply normal to think about when it began, isn’t that so? All things considered, it is quite an old Google trick, looking at the evolving nature of the great Google. If you are feeling bad as a curious person not knowing of this trick, you don’t need to be. Since the ultimate aim is to get knowledge and information, and it has a lot of it.  It is one Google trick that is probably going to be around for seemingly forever, based on its utility.

Now, a question arises why people search I’m Feeling Curious in Google:

im feeling curious

Next up, the questions arise why do people search that I’m Feeling curious, well it depends on people to people, but one thing is common which is the craving for knowledge. So, here in this section, we will try to find out different ways why people use this trick. 

1. They always listen without judgments:

In today’s world of the internet, people easily make assumptions about anyone and anything. However, this is not the case with curious people, they don’t work like that but with a different approach. They don’t possess any hidden agendas to satisfy. If they come across anything which creates curiosity in their mind, they will first find out complete information about that particular thing. They always tend to recognize the views of others and listen to other points of view or opinions. Thes best thing about curious people is that they don’t blame, they don’t shame others. They are quite supportive, working together kind of persons.

2. They have so many questions:

Well, curiosity is equivalent to questions and more questions and a lot of questions. Isn’t it?

Do you know the 5W1H formula? Well, this is the formula that curious people follow. They ask questions that begin with Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How (5W1H). Hence, these questions can not be answered with a simple yes or no. This makes openness for the person who is being asked, and for the character who is asking. 

3. They are always seeking a surprise:

There are a lot of people who do not like surprises. There are still people who face a bit of anxiety when they get surprised. However, at the time when we do not have enough, we really get bored. It is a known fact that we feel good when things are in a certain way. You know what curious people welcome shocks in their lives, as for some people gives them a needed kick.

4. They are always present:

You know what people with curiosity always tend to flip off their telephones and focus on conversations. Wondering what it means? Well, it means cooking dinner while talking to your families. If you are multitasking, it comes with certain restrictions, doing multi-task you have to look at several things at the same time, and in this way, you are no longer a growing area to be curious. However, curious people are always present in the moment and focus on one thing which makes them stand out.

5. They are always willing to be wrong:

The ability to hold a vibe of being proper in inclination of being available to the knowledge and opinions of others is a quality of curious individuals. Curiosity habitually should be ingrained deliberately. It comes from intentional pauses. They always try to take risks and are always willing to be wrong. By this way, it allows them to go beyond everything to find a complete knowledge of any topic.

There are phenomenal benefits to a lifestyle of curiosity in organizations, specifically among leaders. Curious groups or the ones who feel I’m feeling Curious, constantly show up at a more extensive exhibit of determinations for item developments, promoting, and advertising points, and alternatives to issues. A group held up in ‘rightness’ does the opposite. T 

6. They always make time for curiosity:

Every person is busy in the modern world. However, what makes curious people stand out among others is that they make time to build up their curiosity level with each passing time. You know that impact of I’m feeling curious is that it pushes you to have more questions with fun. So you can go on Google, again and again, to find out about your queries.

7. They are not afraid to accept they don’t know:

Well, the best part of being a curious Homo sapiens, I mean curious humans is that they are never afraid to accept that they do not know when they get to know about new things. They accept and get to learn new things. It made them even more curious and made them constantly searching for new information. When asked a particular question, they will not hesitate to accept it when they do not have an answer. Despite that, they will research about it which makes them smart. 

8. They never let the past hurt their future:

Every person has his or her own experience good and bad. However, when we talk about our minds, it usually has two parts. Want to know about them? The one that has new experiences and one that knows these experiences. These two experiences are directly proportional to each other, meaning they can not work without each other.

The issue with several grown-ups is that they quit being curious about new experiences after their past bad experiences and are in contrast, targeted on the perception of what we have already been through. However, if you are a curious person, you will get over such feelings and you know what- I’m Feeling Curious helps you boost a robust base and allows you to take extra risks.

Want to know why this trick is so famous? Let’s go:

Here in this section, we are going to discuss what makes this trick stand out in the line.  We would say the reason behind its popularity is the fact that it is informational and gives you knowledge. Compared to the others, this trick helps you get information and knowledge that can be useful in your real life. If you want to know more to understand it better understand, down-below are few things you need to know about this trick.

1. It is very educational:

This trick is waiting for curious minds like you to satisfy your craving for knowledge along with having fun. This amazing trick helps in your college, school, or university studies, or your profession as well. For instance- When you search “I’m feeling curious”, Google will come up with answers to questions like “Who was the first person who landed on the moon?” So, if someone is studying science, he will get the answer. However, this information is not only for science students, there are other people who will find it quite useful to know.

As mentioned above, this trick is not just about getting the information, but also means you will have fun with Google. You will be able to learn things that you can apply in school, college, or even in your profession. It sounds cool, right?

2. It is a window into other Google tricks:

Well, when we use one thing, again and again, it gets boring after some time. For example, if you wear the same shoes for one month, you will definitely lose your interest, because doing the same thing for a long time of period makes it boring and tiring. Hence, in order to stay interested, you have to combine it with other Google tricks and trust us there are several tricks available. Now, you must be getting impatient to know what the name of that trick is? Brace yourself, we are revealing the name. And the name is the “Get the local time anywhere” trick.

You know folks, this amazing trick permits curious people to find out the time at any location on the planet. It is indeed very interesting, especially at the time when you are just sitting home bored doing nothing and wondering what time it is, what other people around the globe could be doing. Then you just need to use this trick as the options are unlimited when it comes to Google and its interesting tricks.

3. It Improves Your General Knowledge:

Well, when you utilize the I’m Feeling Curious trick, you gain a lot of general knowledge-related stuff. This trick will not waste your time. Do you know the best part of this trick? You can use this trick when you are getting bored at home, walking down in the park, and waiting for a bus. This will be very useful for you to boost your knowledge about facts and you can get a lot of information. There is no age boundary for this, as anyone can try this wherever they want.

Doesn’t it sound super fun? Well, yes it is because this is the way to expand your knowledge. So, in case you want to broaden or improve your general knowledge, this trick can be proved as an ideal medium for you.

What you can do if someday- I’m Feeling Curious wot working:

Well, there may be a time when you are searching for something I’m feeling curious and it stops working. This can be a bit annoying for you. However, most of the time this error is temporary and it starts working again, for they have to follow a process. Down-below we have put up the basic solution to this error. You just need to clear your browser’s cache. To do so, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, you have to press the Ctrl+H in windows or Command+Y in Mac shortcut to open your browser’s history.
  2. Then you need to click on the Clear browsing data button.
    clear browsing data
  3. Here, you are required to select the options which are shown below and hit clear browsing data. Now, you are done and this should solve your problem. Enjoy!

clear cache data


To keep your mind busy and gain some extra knowledge the Googles I’m feeling curious trick is one of the best tricks for you. This article has covered all the information related to I’m feeling curious. The pros and cons are also discussed in the above article.

If the trick is not working in some desktops/laptops we recommend clearing the cache data in the chrome browser or any other browser. We have mentioned the necessary steps as well.

Got any interesting ideas or new tricks that you have discovered. Drop down them in the comment section.

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